Wounded Resurrection: The Body of Christ for the Body of Earth (John 20:19-31)

By William P. BrownThe gap continues to widen between liberals and conservatives regarding the distressing reality of climate change. It is perplexing, given that science continues to confirm humanity’s central role in effecting global warming. It is even more perplexing that greater familiarity with science does not guarantee a greater sense of urgency as evidenced in recent research. It appears that political ideology, not scientific ignorance, remains the primary determining factor in the … [Read more...]

Only women should speak on Easter Sundays! (John 20:1-18)

Only women should speak on Easter Sundays! (John 20:1-18) By Cláudio Carvalhaes It’s resurrection Sunday. However, while Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, life out of death, this resurrection isn’t yet a reality for the vast majority of the world.How can we celebrate Easter when women and children in Syria are the victims of brutal attacks?  And the nations of the world debate what level of violence is appropriate to counteract their deaths?How can we Chris … [Read more...]

Christianity’s First Hate Crime (Isaiah 50:4-9, Philippians 2:5-11 (1-4),Matthew 26, 27)

By Wendy FarleyThe news these days suggest we are experiencing a rebirth – not of freedom – but of hatred and anxiety in our country. God created the world and loves humanity. Nothing, no person, no religion, no race, no ecosystem, no nation, no blade of grass was made without Word, Wisdom, Love. Humanity is all one in the eye of the divine, as a river is one though made of many countless drops of water. The “way” of Christianity is to embody this love in all we do, see, think, believe – not … [Read more...]

When Trauma Victims Teach Us About Hope (John 11:1-45)

By Rev. Dr. Storm SwainAs we enter into John’s Gospel, we are standing some way off from the tomb. The air of grief is all around. The family has returned home to a place that looks the same but is empty because their loved one is gone. People are gathered around to grieve, support, console and to say Kaddish. And into this Jesus walks.Not as early as anybody would have wanted. Not early enough to stop the death that has happened. Not early enough to be with those he loved as they d … [Read more...]

Vulnerability: The Gift Not Fully Valued (John 9:1-41)

By Amy Julia Becker“Disability is a magnifying glass that shows us our humanity.”My husband spoke these words eleven years ago, when our daughter Penny was a few months old. Penny had been diagnosed with Down syndrome a few hours after her birth, and the months that followed were hard for us. She had a few little holes in her heart. She needed tubes in her ears. She needed early intervention services. Her future seemed uncertain. She also slept through the night at seven weeks, lavished s … [Read more...]

The Nasty Woman Who Persisted: The Samaritan Woman of John 4 (John 4:5-42)

The Nasty Woman Who Persisted: The Samaritan Woman of John 4 (John 4:5-42) By Jaime Clark-Soles• (Now President) Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman.” • Mitch McConnell silencing Senator Elizabeth Warren, using his voice to proclaim: “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted” giving strong women everywhere a new mantra. • The Women’s March(es). • International Women’s Day with its theme: #BeBoldForChange • Former Texas Senator Wendy Davis, … [Read more...]