Fr Josiah Trenham on “Defeating Sin”

DEFEATING SIN - Overcoming Our Passions and Changing Forever, like its author Fr Joseph Huneycutt, is a fantastic combination of Holy Orthodoxy and wit in 21st century clothing. I recommend it highly for those who seek a primer on how to deepen their own repentance.-- Archpriest Josiah Trenham, PhD, St Andrew Orthodox Church, Riverside, CaliforniaYou can order a signed copy of DEFEATING SIN through PayPal in the side margin (at left) or -- unsigned, multiple copies -- through the publisher at … [Read more...]

Daylight Saviour Time

An excerpt from this week's AFR Podcast, already in progress ...Our Lord, truly God and truly Man, chose the 12, the 70, and the many women disciples. He was visited in the Garden of Gethsemene and comforted by an Angel. Aided by Simon of Cyrene, He did not bear His Cross alone.No, our Lord does not appoint us to this work individually, but collectively. He gives us family, friends, co-workers -- in the Church.Let us, fishers of men, labour together for the increase of the Kingdom. When, at … [Read more...]

TODAY: St Raphael of Brooklyn

No matter how much I have labored and no matter how much grief I have endured, I consider myself only to have done what was my duty as a Priest. Is it not to the well-being and salvation of our neighbors that we servants of God and spiritual shepherds have dedicated our entire lives?-- St Raphael of BrooklynRejoice, O Father Raphael, adornment of the holy Church! Thou art champion of the True Faith, seeker of the lost, consolation of the oppressed, father to orphans and friend of the poor, … [Read more...]

KNOWLEDGE: Material & Spiritual

If one studies a great deal in order to acquire knowledge and to teach others, without living the things he teaches, he does no more than fill his head with hot air. At most, he will manage to ascend to the moon using machines. The goal of the Christian is to rise to God without machines.-- Elder Paisios the AthoniteThanks to FWD from Fr Josiah Trenham. … [Read more...]