The St Philip’s Prayer Discipline

Recently I posted a piece here and on the Orthodixie Podcast ("Developing a Rule of Prayer") at Ancient Faith Radio concerning the St Philip's Prayer Discipline. For those interested, here's the application.Those of you who have responded to the Podcast will be receiving materials next week.Plans are currently being made to host an SPPD webpage which would allow members to post prayer requests and provide updates regarding parish participation and helpful prayer resources. We also hope to … [Read more...]

3rd Thursday at St George, Houston

Monthly Mediterranean LuncheonThursday, October 18thSt George Orthodox Church5311 Mercer, Houston, Texas 77005Held on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 11am — 2pm in the church hall.Lunch plates are $8.00.MenuThursday, October 18th ~ We will have piping hot beef kefta, fresh salad, homemade hummus, a scrumptious blend of rice with peas, carrots & roasted nuts, and pita!Invite your friends, co-workers and family! … [Read more...]

Flaming Infallible Fences in Yon Wilder Wood

See that guy with the chainsaw. Notice the big wood he has slain. Look closer and you will see how he crushed my fence! If a guy will do that to a fence in Texas ...Think about it: Texas Chainsaw ______________ ...Well, who knows what else he might try. So I took my family and we fled ...We drove a couple hours walked for days through rough terrain in the SE Texas brush ...Always looking back over our shoulder ...Stopping occasionally to smile for the camera catch our breath ...Deeper and deeper … [Read more...]


UPDATE: The books have arrived and will be going out in today's mail. Thanks for your patience & support!In the spiritual struggle in which all of us must engage on the path to salvation, one of the greatest challenges is to crucify daily the many passions that war against us from our youth. Specifically, we must replace the seven deadly passions – pride, anger, lust, envy, gluttony, avarice, and sloth – with the virtues that enable us to become like God.Fr Joseph Huneycutt’s book, DEFEATING … [Read more...]