The Passing of Metropolitan Gabriel (Saliby)

This notice just in (French only) thanks to Jean-Michel -- click the first link for a note in English:Nous venons d’apprendre le décès du métropolite Gabriel (Saliby) «dans la nuit du 19 au 20 octobre 2007, à l'hôpital américain de Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine), des suites d'une longue maladie. Âgé de 82 ans, il était, depuis 1980, l'évêque des communautés antiochiennes en Europe occidentale, avec résidence à Paris, d'abord comme auxiliaire patriarcal, puis comme métropolite diocésain, à par … [Read more...]

The Great Orthodox Awakening

I was on my way to a seminar having spent the night in a coffee house. Did you know that ever since the Orthodox Church bought out Starbuck’s they now have overnight rooms available?Yep.Then …The Orthodox Media limo arrived sporting a big Blockbuster ad on its trunk – with endorsements of various movies by popular Monks, Priests and Bishops … and there I was being whisked away to for a meeting of MMPFACF – the Media-Minded People for the Furtherance of the Ancient Christian Faith.We had to speed, … [Read more...]

JK Comes Clean on HP and IC XC

Finally, the truth about Harry Potter ... click the link.UPDATE: The Hogwarts Prof, John Granger, promises an upcoming piece on JK's most recent "revelation." … [Read more...]

The St Philip’s Prayer Discipline

Recently I posted a piece here and on the Orthodixie Podcast ("Developing a Rule of Prayer") at Ancient Faith Radio concerning the St Philip's Prayer Discipline. For those interested, here's the application.Those of you who have responded to the Podcast will be receiving materials next week.Plans are currently being made to host an SPPD webpage which would allow members to post prayer requests and provide updates regarding parish participation and helpful prayer resources. We also hope to … [Read more...]