BIBLE: Look Ma! No Hand!

A. J. Jacobs' recent book writing trick: Live a whole year following all the rules of the Bible.Unless your religion is similar to a Weird Al Yankovic video, or your Bible's missing a whole section called the "New Testament," reading this story about his adventure is frustrating to say the least.Jacobs spent the year carrying around a stapled list of the more than 700 rules and prohibitions identified in the Good Book, and also consulted with religious leaders and spent time with the Amish, … [Read more...]

Help! There’s an iconostasis in my living room!

Back when I was an Episcopalian -- and “on my way” (as the say) to Orthodoxy -- I really weirded out the Missuz. Oh sure, she was ready to move on from where we were, but she was not 100% on fire for Eastern Orthodoxy!For some reason, Orthodoxy’s funny that way, guys & gals …I’d had a Prayer Desk -- a prie deux -- commissioned in seminary, which was downstairs in my study …Well, one day, while my wife was out shopping, I spirited the Prayer Desk upstairs and placed it in the living room with … [Read more...]

Appalachian State versus … Iran?

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Nicholson, Hanks, Stiller & Huneycutt?

Ladies and Gentlemen, as you may know, I have Hollywood connections. I participated in Sony's interactive media campaign when they launched the Da Vinci Dialogue to promote Tom Hanks in the screen version of Dan Brown's blockbuster. (Updated audio version of that piece here.) And, as a recent blog commenter noted, I -- ahem -- borrowed from the title of an earlier work (starring Jack Nicholson on the screen) when I wrote One Flew Over the Onion Dome.So it was no surprise to me when I received a … [Read more...]