Santa – Hard to Ignore When You’re Related

One way to handle the secularization or, depending on your source, (re)paganization of the Christmas holiday is to become a reactionary. This may not be the best option, but it is a valid one. Everyone’s tempted by something. Being a reactionary has never brought me many favors, but we’re pals nonetheless.Back in 1997 our daughter came home from day care and informed us that her class wasn’t doing just one Christmas that year. Rather, they were going to be celebrating many holidays. Upon furt … [Read more...]

Houston, We Have a Bathroom Problem?

By now, no doubt, most have heard about the Houston Bathroom Kerfuffle.I rarely mention the loo in sermons << and I held a serious pause after even writing that!But I suspect that bathrooms have been mentioned quite a bit of late in the pulpits of ol' H-Town.The problem is much bigger than the John, though.  It may even predate the need to "move" altogether.Here's the blurb and link to yesterday's sermon:Houston made the news recently—a story involving local le … [Read more...]

An Orange Book in Orange County

I was blessed to be with the fine folks of St Luke Orthodox Church, Garden Grove, California for a retreat -- Fire From Ashes -- last Saturday.The trip also served as a daddy-daughter date with my 12 year old.  Think 12 hours:  Disneyland :POther than the Antiochian Archdiocese Convention -- Palm Desert, 2009 -- it was my first time back in Southern California in 30 years.I lived in Pasadena one summer, back in 1982, and in Buena Park during the fall and winter, 1983-84.This p … [Read more...]

Kronstadt Not: Fr Danislav’s Hoaxters House of Industry

So I’m sitting in my office at church, glancing – every now and then – out of my window, awaiting the faithful to show for Adult Class on a Tuesday morning.There’s a homeless guy.He’s staggering up the drive toward the church.He’s drinking a tall can of beer.It’s 9:40 AM.I observe him … one big gulp … 2nd gulp … 3 sip’s a charm … AARGH! Breakfast of champions.He then crushes the can and flings it into the church yard.Then, forgive me this, right in the church driveway … [Read more...]