My Big Fat Weak Fasting (Or Speaking Wookie During Lent)

I’ve been thinking:  Don’t make Lenten Resolutions – that is not profitable. Just do what the Church prescribes! Better yet, REPENT. (Whatever that means.)Stuff pops into my head; often I am to blame – as I set not a watch at the door. I leave the door of my mind unlocked – if not fully open. Even when I make an effort to set a guard, I do so sloppily – as if I am some prize for the demons and not, as I truly am, just a garden variety old sinner.I don’t believe in reincarnation – and yet … [Read more...]

But In The Parish Hall, He Be All Like …

Look. Let’s just be real. It’s easy to be a Christian in church for 2 hours a Sunday – right? Oh sure, some places Liturgy is only an hour and a half – others longer – who knows, you may show up late … Less time being “Christian” is even easier, n’cest pas? And gossip … well, that’s not so easy in the church (but it can be done). Gossip is best served up in the Hall, after the service.But everyone can agree:  It’s pretty easy to be good in church.Take for instance Molly. Molly is a relati … [Read more...]

Santa – Hard to Ignore When You’re Related

One way to handle the secularization or, depending on your source, (re)paganization of the Christmas holiday is to become a reactionary. This may not be the best option, but it is a valid one. Everyone’s tempted by something. Being a reactionary has never brought me many favors, but we’re pals nonetheless.Back in 1997 our daughter came home from day care and informed us that her class wasn’t doing just one Christmas that year. Rather, they were going to be celebrating many holidays. Upon furt … [Read more...]

Houston, We Have a Bathroom Problem?

By now, no doubt, most have heard about the Houston Bathroom Kerfuffle.I rarely mention the loo in sermons << and I held a serious pause after even writing that!But I suspect that bathrooms have been mentioned quite a bit of late in the pulpits of ol' H-Town.The problem is much bigger than the John, though.  It may even predate the need to "move" altogether.Here's the blurb and link to yesterday's sermon:Houston made the news recently—a story involving local le … [Read more...]