Ordained by Waffle House (Who are YOU with?)


An honest to goodness email from a real person: Hi Father Joseph!How are you? At the fair last week someone asked me "Who are you with?" and I thought of your book.I was waiting for the pig races to start and the family next to me was talking about, of all things, confession. The mom was talking about how going to a Catholic university she saw the ridiculousness of religion in how everyone used confession to basically do what they wanted.I was worried primarily for her two teens, so … [Read more...]

Jesus, Mary & Joseph in England (Constantine & Helen, too)!


AFR BLURB:  Just back from five weeks in the United Kingdom, Fr Joseph shares from his travelogue on the Saints -- and others -- he encountered there.  In other words, what do Joseph of Arimathea, Patrick of Ireland, Elder Sophrony, King Arthur, and Ron Weasley all have in common?Is Glastonbury known for more than a muddy music festival?Did Our Lord visit England as a boy?Do airline security personnel visit Armagh?The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio! … [Read more...]

Fire from Ashes – The Reality of Perpetual Conversion


Projected ship date, July 7by Joseph Huneycutt & Steve RobinsonPopular bloggers and podcasters Fr. Joseph Huneycutt and Steve “the Builder” Robinson explore the reality of life in Christ as perpetual conversion—falling and rising, falling and rising again. No matter how cold the ashes of our hearts, with Christ’s help we can fan them back into flame. Illustrated with Steve’s inimitable cartoons.Available for PRE-ORDER. … [Read more...]

The Premarital Podcast That Has Everyone Singing!


Every now and then someone asks me to send them my notes or outline structure for Premarital Counseling.  With every couple, with little variation, it's all pretty much the same.  If I can get the couple to think about, eventually talk about, four common topics ... it's a good start.Marriage is hard work.  I'm convinced that any man and woman can make a marriage work ... if THEY are willing to work!So, here's an oldie but goodie (with a whole lotta songs) on Premarital Counseling:The … [Read more...]