Pagan Priesthood: Setting the Table, Restoring the Way of the Gods

Temple of Aesculapius, Waterhouse

Priesthood in the ancient world was a call to service and a coveted honor. The Priestfolk were responsible for maintaining the rhythm of society through worship and festival, nurturing the culture’s connection with the Gods. Pagan Priesthood is far from there, but we can rebuild… [Read more...]

Restoring Idolatry to Iconolatry

The ancient icons of the Gods were destroyed in order to break worshippers’ contact with their deities. Animating icons will make the Gods’ power and blessings more accessible again. [Read more...]

Pagan Restoration in New Format

Sam Webster

As of June 2013, Pagan Restoration will appear in this space on the third Wednesday of the month. Don’t forget to update your RSS links and e-mail subscriptions! [Read more...]

Toward the Pagan Restoration of Sacrifice

It is time for Pagans to restore sacrifice to its ancient and central place in our rites. The world needs the Gods in Their fullest presence. [Read more...]

Why I Am Pagan

In 200 words or less, why is Sam Webster Pagan? [Read more...]