Dedication Ritual for the Less Ambulatory


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Dedication Ritual


Modified for the less ambulatory by Masery, former Myrddin of the Elodrym.


Adapted from The Order of the Elodrym’s initiation ritual.

Elemental calls written by Aquillus Cattus and adapted for this ritual.




“… the Great Initiator comes in the Silence to the higher consciousness, and is never a human being, however supernatural and secluded.”

Dion Fortune, The Training and Work of an Initiate


Having some knowledge of magickal practice will help you understand the symbolism of this ritual. It isn’t necessary, however. What is important is that you are brave enough to take responsibility for who you are and who you want to be in this world. This is a step toward opening up to possibility and understanding your full potential, what ever that may be.


Items Needed

Incense or sage

Anointing oil

It is optional to place objects on an altar or table to represent Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Include any other items such as stones or images that empower you.


The Rite


I. Purification


1. Wash wash your face and hands rinsing away the day’s troubles. It will be easier to focus on the intent of the ritual.


2. Bless the ritual space by lighting incense.


II. Grounding and Entrance


Anoint the forehead “third eye” and center of your wrists with the oil.


Be comfortably seated. Close your eyes. Lower your arms to your sides.


Breathe deeply.


Imagine a golden light above you flowing downward touching your head. The warm light moves into every cell of your body. You feel strong and protected. The light caresses your face as it flows down your back, over the back of your neck, shoulders, into your arms and down to your fingers. The energy passes behind your hips, into your legs. It relaxes your knees and flows into your feet, warming your toes.


Move with the light into the earth. The earth’s essence is cool and inviting.

You flow into the pool of energy, feeling warm and strong. The blue energy of the pool moves up through your feet, into your legs, past your knees, past your thighs, flowing over your hips, energizing your torso. It flows through your arms, up your neck and spills out the top of your head like a radiant fountain, falling, flowing back into the earth.


Breathe deeply. Let the air fill you.


The golden light from above now flows along your back, down the back of your legs, into the earth … it swirls with the radiant pool … the golden blue energy travels up the front of your body and spills out the top of your head.


This energy is never ending. It is eternal, always around you. Take as much as you need.


III. Casting the Circle


Continue this meditation … move your hands through the energy as it flows from you. See it flowing and spinning outward into your circle. Imagine the energy rising above you, around you, below you, creating a sphere of protection.


(Gestures are optional.)


“The circle is cast.

I am in a place that is not a place,

in a time that is not a time.

I see the swirling of nights and days

and feel the power of word and rhyme.”


Arms raised, head lifted: “As above”

Arms lowered toward ground, head lowered: “So below”

Finger tips to forehead: “As the mind”

Hands to chest: “So the soul”

Arms outstretched and head up: “As without”

Arms crossed, hands on opposite shoulders, head lowered in reverence: “So within.”


IV. Declaration of Purpose

“I am (your nickname, birth name, or other name you choose to speak). I am here to dedicate myself to a path of spiritual evolution. I come seeking assistance for the wise do not travel alone. I accept your challenges, knowledge, and blessings.”


  1. Calling the Quarters


When you invite each quarter, you can hold the object representing that element.

Visualize mountains, tor stones, rocks, or other images of earth. Allow the energy of the element to enter your body at the solar plexus (center of your stomach).


“I call upon the spirits of the north, to the children of earth:


Oh watchful guardians, grant me your precious gift of abundance! From the foundation of stability that you provide, may I always follow my true path!


Hail and welcome!”


Visualize clouds, wind through tall gr
ass, birds, or other images of air.


“I call upon the spirits of the east, to the children of air:


Oh watchful guardians, grant me your precious gift of divine communication! From the light of wisdom that you provide, may I find guidance along my true path!


Hail and welcome!”


Visualize the sun, a bonfire, flame, or other images of fire.


“I call upon the spirits of the south, to the children of fire:


Oh watchful guardians, grant me your precious gift of vitality! From the flames of ambition that you provide, may I have the courage to stay true to my path!


Hail and welcome!”


Visualize a well, spring, the ocean or other images of water.


“I call upon the spirits of the west, to the children of water:


Oh watchful guardians, grant me your precious gift of spiritual empathy and cleanse my body, mind and spirit! May your precious waters sustain me on my path!


Hail and welcome!”


Take a few minutes to commune with the elements and accept their gifts.


VI. Calling the Ancients and Guides


“I call upon my ancestors who will respect my dedication to this spiritual path.”


You may state the name of the ancestors you know will honor your wishes and assist you on your path or invite those who are willing to join you.


“I call upon the magicians of the past and future. Grant me your wisdom and protection. Hail and welcome.”


If you are familiar with any animal guides or other guides you may invite them to the circle or you may introduce yourself to potential guides.


VII. Invoking Spirit


The Universal All, Great Spirit, Spiritual Essence in called upon in any fashion. Speak from your heart. Conclude with “Hail and welcome.”


VIII. Initiation


Touch you chest saying:

“May my heart be courageous and pure.”


Touch your forehead saying:

“May my thoughts be clear.”


“So be it.”


IX. Grounding and Centering Excess Energy


Allow yourself to relax as much as possible. Breath deeply.


Visualize the excess energy within and around you turning into a liquid and flowing like thick smoke or fog downward, through your body, and exiting through your feet to be absorbed into the earth.


It sometimes helps to touch something connected to the ground and instead of draining the energy through your feet, move it up your body, down your arm, and out through the connection between your fingers, the object, and the ground, once again to be absorbed into the earth.



X. Dismissal


Thank Divinity/the Universal All for it’s presence. Spiritual Essence is always present so don’t offer a farewell.


Thank the guides and ancestors. When you are done say, “Hail and farewell.”


To the spirits of the west, the children of water:


Thank you for the inner fountain of healing that you cause to spring forth within me!


Go if you must, stay if you will, Hail and Farewell!”


“To the spirits of the south, the children of fire:


Thank you for sharing the power to destroy all of my obstacles, as well as the energy to continue forward on my chosen paths!


Go if you must, stay if you will, Hail and Farewell!”


“To the spirits of the east, the children of air:


Thank you for making the intimate connection between both worlds a possibility, as well as the joyful creativity that allows my innermost thoughts to take flight!


Go if you must, stay if you will, Hail and Farewell!”


“To the spirits of the north, the children of earth:


Thank you for the material and spiritual support that my hopes and dreams rest upon, as well as the fertile soil in which they are planted and bare their fruit!


Go if you must, stay if you will, Hail and Farewell!”


XI. Conclusion


Imagine the circle dissipating.


“The circle is open, but is not broken.

I carry it with me always. So be it.”

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