Loneliness and Revelation: The Process of Spiritual Unfolding

On Elemental Podcast author and philosopher Brendan Meyers joins T. Thorn Coyle (mystic, author and teacher) to talk about the process of loneliness and the power of Water. One of the more powerful points discussed was how we have privileged exclusive access to our own minds which no one else can ever truly understand. This creates a sense of loneliness which can be used to explore our deep selves leading to greater understanding and a long lasting sense of joyous interconnection with the world.

Episode #38 WATER www.thorncoyle.com/podcasts.html

Brendan Meyer’s website is at http://www.brendanmyers.net/
His new book is titled Loneliness and Revelation

T. Thorn Coyle’s website is at www.thorncoyle.com/about.html