A Moment of Win

A video posted by thescreamingdrills of a guy crowd surfing in a wheelchair at a Monotonix show on 1/28/11 … [Read more...]

Interview with Charlton Hall, therapist and Chief Druid of the UOD Part 2

I had the opportunity to interview Charlton Hall, MMFT, LMFT, therapist and Chief Druid of the Universal Order of Druids about his survey, Pagan Perspectives on Marriage, mental illness in the Pagan community. If you are a Pagan and would like to participate visit www.surveymonkey.com/s/67JKXMGYou can read Part 1 at www.patheos.com/community/paganswithdisabilities/2011/02/01/interview-with-charlton-hall-therapist-and-chief-druid-of-the-uod/Part 2Masery: On your page at the Saluda … [Read more...]