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Pagan Fundraiser for Japan Disaster Relief Through Doctors Without Borders

At the time of this post, almost $16,000 of the $30,00 goal has been raised in just four days.

“Pagans from all over the country have donated and stepped forward to endorse the project. We received donations from individuals as well as organizations. To all those who stepped forward THANK YOU. We still have been unable to generate significant numbers of small donations. It continues to be the goal of this project to engage the entire Pagan community in a unified effort. If you are concerned that you do not have the funds to donate consider just a few dollars. Each of us can only do so much in these tough economic times. What is important is participation not the donation amount.” Peter Dybing, National First Officer Covenant of the Goddess

Click here to donate.

For more about Doctors Without Borders’ relief effort in Japan.

Disaboom “American Idol Contestant Gifted with Accessibility”
Contestant Chris Medina is engaged to Juliana Ramos, who was severely disabled in an auto accident. She was in a comma for a month due to sever brain trauma and she’s now wheelchair bound. A 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan was presented to Juliana and her family at MobilityWorks of Chicago.

VIDEO: Watch Chris’ audition. He has amazing vocals and gets to introduce Juliana to the judges. Posted by T1Takedown

Disability Scoop

“Legislator Who Suggested Siberia For ‘Retarded’ Resigns” by Shaun Heasley

“After Two Decades, Change Coming To ADA” by Michelle Diament
“Notably, the new ADA regulations will include first-ever accessibility requirements for swimming pools, parks, golf courses, boating facilities, exercise clubs and other recreational facilities.”

Disabled World

“Social Security Holds Compassionate Allowances Hearing on Autoimmune Diseases.” Social Security Administration press release

“The Top Five Things You Should Donate This Spring – Simplify your Life by Donating to Goodwill…” Goodwill Industries International press release

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