Ironically, stolen Pagan store sign is almost driven back.

This morning on Facebook I came across a status update from my friend, Marta. Her husband, Michael Correll also known as Freak Phil on Youtube and Santa Cruz Pirate Radio, is the owner of The Sacred Grove Pagan and metaphysical shop in Santa Cruz, California. At about 4 pm on March 15, a black SUV pulled up to the store front. A man got out and swiped their pentacle sign. A store volunteer wrote down the Oregon plates and called the police. The vehicle was easy to identify because it said “Jesus Saves” on one side and “confess and forgive” on the other.

One of the funny things about this is he led police on a chase in a big circle almost back to the store. The driver, 41-year-old Kelly Piper, went toward downtown doing 55 in a 35. He then got onto Hwy 1 where California Highway Patrol took over. He exited the highway onto Morrissey Blvd. which is just a few blocks from the store.

Incidents this blatant usually don’t occur in Santa Cruz. People of different faiths tend to get along in the highly diverse community. I’ve attended several beach rituals with The Sacred Grove community and they are warm people who I miss dearly.

YouTube Preview Image

VIDEO: TV showing the KPIX CBS news story about the sign theft from The Sacred Grove. Filmed on an android phone. Posted by freakphil. Version with better audio provided by Orion.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
“Police chase nets suspected thief of pagan sign from Santa Cruz shop” by Stephen Baxter

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