T. Thorn Coyle Further Explains "No sick mystics!"

In the post “Listening is the Key to Flowing with Your Life Path” I wrote briefly about T. Thorn Coyle’s workshop I attended in St. Louis. Click here for the post. One of many things she said which stuck with me was “No sick mystics.”

Spiral Galaxy
IMAGE: “Spiral Galaxy Opens Mysterious ‘Arms'” Posted to Flickr. Some rights reserved by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

Thorn wrote a post fully explaining what she meant. “By “No Sick Mystics” I don’t mean that magick workers, mystics, spiritual seekers or priests never get sick. What I mean is, let’s not court illness. Let’s court health. Let’s work toward the greatest synergy possible for our minds, bodies, emotions and spirits.” Thorn also explains that “A person living with cancer can find ways to be as healthy as possible while living with cancer. A person who is bedridden can find his best way of courting health from bed. What is your best way? We can’t let the overculture dictate how health should look or feel. When we do that, a different imbalance enters – self loathing and a bunch of ‘shoulds’ – and often we give up, because the distorted ideal is unattainable. What is ideal for our personal optimal health?”

I encourage all of my readers to take a moment to visit her post “No Sick Mystics!” Click here.

Share your story in the comments about how you define health and what you do to stay connected with the physical and spiritual. Email me if you want to write a guest post. masery@rocketmail.com

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