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I received this comment recently and thought it was interesting. “As most pagans or wiccans know going to festivals or events walking sticks can be wonderful and the designs of handmade products well…are just not for everyone. Our company designed canes that serve function and still let everyone know they are individual. We have done many photo memory canes for people of Pagan faith including photos of their events, mentors and travels. Our site can be viewed at enjoy!”

disability scoop

“Under Pressure, State Governor Rescinds Disability Cuts” “Gov. Rick Scott said Thursday that he would rescind the cuts after taking heat from disability advocates who warned that stripping money from group homes and other programs could seriously jeopardize residents with autism, Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities.”

Feds Propose Greater Flexibility For Community-Based Services

“Media Push Aims To Raise Accessibility Awareness” This week an internet campaign at was launched to help people with and without disabilities better understand accessibility. There is a game which challenges players to see what is wrong with different pictures. Click here to see the page and game. “… the website also includes toolkits to help people advocate for disability rights and anecdotes from individuals with disabilities talking about accessibility issues they’ve faced. Click here for the toolkit.

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