Magicians on Stage and Off: Part 2 Luna Shimada

Click here for Part 1 Jeff McBride.

Luna Shimada

“Luna has been performing in top venues across four continents from Europe to Japan to America, and the showrooms of Las Vegas. Luna has also been featured in countless American network TV specials such as, the PBS series “Art of Magic” and “Mystery’s of Magic”, “Magic’s Greatest Illusions” on TLC and “Grand Illusions, The Story of Magic” for Discovery and most recently also featured in two new documentaries, “Women in Boxes” and “A Magical Vision” by Montrose Productions about the great magical philosophers. Luna was also the recipient of the prestigious “World Magic Award” as “Best Female Magician” of 2007 which aired nationwwide on prime time Fox network.

Luna is a philosopher and a teacher of magic and her many talents encompass music, writing, dance, performance art and poetry. She is an innovator and an entreprenuer, she is in a catagory of her own.”

Luna started on her path when she was fourteen. She grew from an interest in different religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, Alchemy and much more. She takes what she learned about magic as a transformative and healing art and incorporates it into her shows.

Luna is one of several female clairvoyants in her family. She believes everyone comes into the world with a specific gift. She hopes by using her gifts she can help others come closer to theirs. From

Besides stage magic, Luna performs as lead singer of Lunarox a rock band. Click here to listen.

VIDEO: Promotional for Luna Shimada’s 2011 show.

VIDEO: Luna floats a glowing sphere of light. Part of The Learning Channel special.

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