I’m excited to announce that I am employed at a local library which tickles me pink. I work with incredibly kind and intelligent people. I got a high five for reading the Louis and Clark expedition journal and I’m told that interlibrary loan packages that arrive from the Library of Congress are treated with reverence. The employees gather around the package to see the label and watch it being opened. Take a moment to imagine my smile of shear happy Geekdom.

Posts will be in frequent as my body, mind, and spirit adjust to my new schedule. There are wonderful things coming up. Janet’s interview will continue. I hope to get some interview questions sent off to Cara Shultz of International Pagan Coming Out Day and I’ll share my own experiences with coming out as a Pagan and someone who is disabled.

Thank you for your patience as I dance to the tune of change trying to flow with my path.

Blessings on your journey.