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Every week there are new press releases, articles, information, and videos popping up concerning Paganism, spirituality, health, or disabilities. Community Linkage is a collection of useful information and sometimes entertainment for you.

cyber shaman
IMAGE: Woman wearing an animal pelt and computer boards, types on a keyboard that is part of the landscape. Cover art by Julie Foo.

Yahoo! Accessibility “Original Cyborgs: Disability and Technology” by Jennifer Cole, Program Director of the Gimpgirl Community Jennifer has an artificial spine and she uses speech to text technology to write her articles. Here she contemplates the predictions and feminist ideas of Dr. Donna Haraway. In 1985, Haraway wrote “A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century,” in Simians, Cyborgs and Women: The Reinvention of Nature (New York; Routledge, 1991), pp.149-181. Click here to read it.

Ocean at the Deaf Pagan Crossroads has written an extensive five part blog and letter about access for deaf participants at Pagan festivals.

T. Thorn Coyle, in her podcast Elemental Castings, talks with Drake Spaeth PsyD about Air, consciousness, mind, Jung, archetypes and the power of ritual on the psyche.