Summer Solstice 2011

Each day is a new opportunity to bring into balance our spiritual, physical, and intellectual being. The full lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice of 2010 was an exceptional opportunity to start mastering the three worlds: spiritual, physical, and mental. (Staff of Asclepius “Winter Solstice 2010: A complete picture of three worlds.”)

Six months later, our world enters a tilt where the northern hemisphere receives maximum hours of sunlight during the Summer Solstice. There is a saying that life is change. How can something be truly alive if it stagnates? Finding a spiritual and mental center helps us flow with our ever shifting health, relationships, and circumstances.

The Sign Cancer

Summer’s Three Astrological Signs & Their Significance Esoterically
The three signs of summer – Cancer, Leo & Virgo – have esoteric significance:

Cancer – water – Baptism by water (later by fire)– cleansing of emotional body
Leo – fire – new creative fires leading to new spiritual identity
Virgo – earth – new state of consciousness gestating within form and matter – nine months from Virgo (counting backward through the signs to Capricorn {Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn} this new state is birthed at winter solstice.

As summer begins, we enter first into the influence of Cancer, sign of mother, family, home, the embryonic waters nurturing new life. Cancer, with Moon as its ruler, nurtures the masses of humanity. In our very earliest incarnations on Earth everyone entered the planet through Cancer. Cancer is concerned with humanity’s food supply. During Cancer we investigate how humanity will be adequately fed in times to come. New ways must be found to feed Earth’s growing population. Assisting in this task is Mercury entering Cancer (communicate, think, study, ponder the feeding of humanity) Thursday with Mars (focus) entering, and Venus already in, Gemini (right use of resources). by Risa at Night Light News

Today is my birthday. Since childhood I’ve had a connection with water and earth. I consider the outdoors and my garden to be my temple. My connection with mud (water and earth) has been my favorite. My initiation/dedication to a mystical path took place during a thunderstorm next to a lake when I was covered head to toe in mud. I am unbalanced the most when I am swept away by or drowning in emotion. Other times I become like a hard bolder unmovable and unsympathetic to other’s needs.

I want to try a new visualization and I hope you’ll join me. We can visual this time of year as putting our hands in the primordial mud of creation. (Virgo – Earth and Cancer – Water). Bringing out clay molding and shaping it. Baking it in a kiln (Leo – Fire) and filling it with all that we need. This Summer Solstice we’ll envision how we’ll nourish our three worlds to sustain you through all the changes to come on a daily, local, and global level.

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