Multimedia and live art performances exploring diversity.

Sue Austin is a multimedia, performance and instillation artist whose been wheelchair bound since 1996. She has incorporated it into her art to highlight the concepts of diversity and different.'Creating the Spectacle!' is a ground breaking series of live art and film events that record an underwater wheelchair as it flies through the water with its human occupant. In this Online event, Freewheeling will present a series of films in the lead up to live events in the swimming pool at Osprey … [Read more...]

Misery in the state of Missouri: Politics, Ethics, and Common Sense (warning triggers)

Furry and wrath race along my spine and down my arms into my fingertips as I start to write this. I've taken a long break from reading political. Yesterday, however, I heard my Missouri Representative's comments. Rep. Todd Akin, on the Fox News Jaco Report said:"legitimate rape" rarely results in pregnancy because "the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."He has since recanted his statement as off the cuff. I didn't care. When I was about nine and again at … [Read more...]

Community Linkage

Every week there are new press releases, articles, information, and videos popping up concerning Paganism, spirituality, health, or disabilities. Community Linkage is a collection of useful information and sometimes entertainment for you. You can stay informed by adding me to one of your social circles on Google+ or follow me on Twitter.Resources for the BlindI recently found out that the National Federation of the Blind offers free white canes.SportsThe poolpod lift is a … [Read more...]

Blind Film Critic’s Take on Nature

The Blind Film Critic's, Tommy Edison,explains his fear of nature in this hilarious clip. … [Read more...]

Making an Important but Tough Decision

Please forgive any errors you may find in today's post. Keep reading and you'll understand.I got a call from the principal at the school I substitute at. I've been anxiously waiting to hear from her hoping to help get students oriented the first week of school. Instead she offered me a full time job. I was honoured. She had just gotten the go ahead to hire three full time aids in the kindergarten classrooms and wanted me to think it over. Since I don't have a teaching certificate, I wouldn't … [Read more...]

A Mother to Many

I can't have children. With that simple statement comes images of an infant's downy checks under soft hazel eyes wrapped up in a blanket, a toddler racing up to me wanting her mommy to see what she's found. There are many different children I see with different combinations of my traits and those of my husband. In my mind I hold these mourned children and they smile at me and I feel our connection – that great mystery of blood and spirit shared between woman and child.I am grieving for an o … [Read more...]