When Disabilities Take on Symbolic Shapes

It isn’t uncommon for those of us with disabilities to dream about them. They take on a symbolic shape that expresses how they make us feel.

My husband had a dream last night where he was sitting at a large conference table. He was in every seat. In each of those seats was himself at a different age. Child, teenager, himself in his twenties and so on until it came to his current self who lead the conference. One seats was empty except for a shimmering form.

The topic of discussion was how he wanted each aspect to share their abilities with him. The innocence of youth, the energy and sense of adventure the teen had, and the strength and sense of responsibility of his twenty year old self. As the discussion went on; however, the shimmering form would blast each aspect with painful energy causing each form to shake and lose control. As the conference went on it got worse and worse. He never addressed the shimmering form which was his Attention Deficit Disorder and even more so his epilepsy.

Several times in my dreams, my PTSD took form. It looks like a teenager risen from the grave. She wears a dress as dark and tattered as her flesh. She exudes anger, pain, and sorrow. So many of the darker feelings at the same time. She is truly a nightmare. In my twenties because this mental construct that I had created was continuously haunting me in my sleep, I had to imagine doing battle against her. I wielded a silver dagger.

What have some of your dreams about your disabilities been like? Have you ever had it take on a symbolic form?

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Tara "Masery" Miller is a Neo-Pagan panentheist Gaian mage living in the Ozarks with her husband and pets. She's also a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church. She is the editor of Rooted in the Body, Seeking the Soul which you can find at Immanion press. www.immanion-press.com/info/books.asp She has a minor is religion from Southeast Missouri State Missouri State University with an emphasis in mysticism. Masery has lead various groups over the years and organized Pagan Pride Day events. Her magic and author page is at www.taramaserymiller.com