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Students with Disabilities and Self-Advocacy

In the United States, August is National Back to School month. Here are a few links to help college students who have disabilities. Sorry, it doesn’t include any back to school sales or sure fire excuses for late homework. Virginia Tech Self-Advocacy Video Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities [Read More…]

A Crazy Late Night Lammas

It was dark except for the firelight when screams erupted from the other side of the circle. The Priestess said, “Oops”. [Read more…]

Psychedelic Breakthrough

C.R.J. art piece “Psychedelic Breakthrough” was planned while he was in a mental institution. [Read more…]

Interview with author C.J. Blackwood about PSG

I spoke with C. J. Blackwood about her experience at Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG). C. J. is a visually impaired author. How does one go camping at a large event when vision-impaired? [Read more…]

The Dangers of Fifty Shades of Gray: a Guest Commentary (Warning Triggers/Adult Content))

A Note from Tara “Masery” Miller: The people who participate in BDSM come from every walk of life, are abled or disabled, and belong to many different races and creeds. It can be a safe and responsible form of pleasure for consenting adults. For more information on BDSM and people with disabilities visit Keeping it [Read More…]

Signs – A New Restaurant in Toronto Hires Only Deaf Waiters

Ioanna Roumeliotis visits Signs, Canada’s first restaurant staffed with deaf waiters. [Read more…]