Psychedelic Breakthrough

by Chris Johnson

by Chris Johnson

This piece was planned while the artist was in a mental institution.
They posted on Reddit saying, “I cannot use traditional paint mediums, I have very weak lungs because of a childhood accident where I was exposed to high levels of chlorine. I could not participate in sports, or any other childhood fun, but in my isolation I started to make artwork. I had to drop out of art school because in every painting class I would be sneezing out blood and red phlemb. This made me very depressed for some time until I discovered digital painting. I still love sculpting and am self taught. I believe that a sound philosophy is at the core of every moving piece of art art be it music, dance, development, or visual art. My work comes about by months of study, self doubt and critique, and then physical and presentable art. I am severely bipolar and this illness influences my work to a great extent.

Here is a link to my society6 page if you are interested in buying.

-Edit; I have just come out of depressed state that lasted almost 4 years. There will be more work to come.

Light & Love, C.R.J”