Liberated: Disabled Dominant in a Strange City

Liberated: Disabled Dominant in a Strange City December 16, 2014

Travel is both wonderful and terrifying simultaneously. I’ve decided to head out to Kalamazoo, taking a chance in order to meet a young woman I met through a friend.
The thrill of it is manifold. Going somewhere new, trying new things, and maybe finding a girlfriend in the bargain. I like adventure, I like to experience things.
The terrifying part harkens back to family issues. I’m taking a train north and I hope not to encounter any of them along the way. I always get anxiety headaches when I travel by train, especially northward.

I’ll be coming back with my first tattoo or possibly a piercing. Probably a crescent moon with some kind of interior pattern of an oak leaf or snake scales. Haven’t decided which. I want something to symbolize strength, wisdom, magic, and earth. So I’m working on the design. I’ll probably visit one of the crystal shops up there, though I am not sure. This girl is interested in learning about crystals so I plan on taking a book up there with me.
Honestly the hardest question is backpack or suitcase. I’d rather just travel light but I have a couple things in there for her; I have my toiletries, and I want to bring some cute shoes. I want my laptop and I want my pictures. I never travel without my most precious photos. I just hate to. I don’t think I’ll bring beadwork though. I feel like I’m getting arthritis in my left hand, because the joints keep stiffening up lately.
Plus there are other things I would like to pack. It’s nice to find someone who can acknowledge my interests and, even more than that, actually benefit from them. I never thought I would be taken seriously as a dominant within BDSM, even such mild forms as I am into, because of my disability, because of weight, because of looks.
The spontaneity is so attractive. Going to spend two nights in a strange city with a woman who has the same appetite for body art and Lesbian S and M as I do, with the potential for quite a bit of craft beer consumption. And I may get to learn to shoot. People may say that a VI/blind person has no business even handling a fire arm. But my lady friend has an aunt with no sight who can spin a target with her bullets, and I have always wanted to shoot. Plus it isn’t anyone else’s business to judge me anyway.
This is all stuff I hope to accomplish. Shooting, getting a tattoo, enjoying a few drinks, and just having fun in general. All from a little motel on Westnedge in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I feel like I’ve been liberated, with this chance to do whatever for about thirty-six hours. No rules, as long as I don’t blow the budget.
Happy Solstice, CJ!

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