Dear Halloween, Where Did You Go?


I usually don’t have to write letters to Halloween, but this year I feel like he’s been missing in action. Where are you buddy? Between Hurricane Sandy and the election we need you more than ever! [Read more...]

My True Ghost Story

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Have you ever seen a ghost? I have, and not only have I see a ghost with my own eyes, I felt a ghost! While I’m skeptical about a great many things, after my real life ghost story, the spirits are something I completely believe in. [Read more...]

My Samhain Ritual 2012

My stang, and a bit of the altar above our fireplace.

When I can find time to break away from writing “Raise the Horns” I enjoy writing ritual, Samhain is one of my favorites to write. Journey between the worlds in this overly long Samhain Ritual. [Read more...]

The Court And My Pagan Vote

It kind of looks all pagan antiquity like, but I fear for what could go on in here, and what has already gone on in here.

As a Pagan voter there is no bigger issue to me in this year’s Presidential Election than the appointment of Supreme Court Justices. What would an even more rightward leaning Supreme Court mean, and not just for Pagans, but for anyone practicing a minority faith? The chilling consequences are what makes this the number one issue in this year’s election. [Read more...]

The Gods Aren’t Endorsing Anyone For President


I don’t think the gods, any gods, care at all about politics. I don’t care if that god lives near the star Kolob, once resided in the Holy of Holies, or was worshipped on the Acropolis in the Parthenon of Ancient Athens. I just can’t see gods, divine beings with memories that span millennia, getting all worked up over things that would feel like seconds to them. [Read more...]

Honoring The Ancestors (Or Not)

I don't have a problem with Druids, but I've never felt particularly close to them.

Every Samhain I’m confronted with several rituals that call for “honoring the ancestors,” (or sometimes “honoring our ancestors”). While I understand the reasoning behind it, it bothers me from both a theological and a personal perspective. This doesn’t mean I ignore the “death” aspect of Samhain, just the opposite, I’ve always embraced it utterly, but [Read More...]

Writing Samhain

I’m in charge of a large Samhain ritual for a local Pagan group out here on the West Coast. With four official practices before the ritual (and two walk throughs the day of) it’s an undertaking that will consume a lot of my free time. That’s not a complaint, I knew that going into this, [Read More...]

Election Fatigue


Like many of you, I’m suffering from “election fatigue.” I know that elections are important and I don’t take democracy lightly, but I’m tired of being hit over the head with it on a daily basis. Social media has become a barrage of insults, Willy Wonka pictures, and endless political articles, almost always from websites [Read More...]