Pagan Spotlight: Laura LaVoie

I have too much to write about. I need clones or minions, and being sick makes me feel even farther behind on things that need to be written. I may have to go on a writing bender sometime soon.

Today though, I want to write about Laura LaVoie. Another very busy Pagan, Laura is a Hellenic who blogs about Persephone, blogs about beer, blogs about building a tiny house in North Carolina and blogs at The Juggler on pop culture for the Pagan Newswire Collective.

Laura inside the 120 square foot house she's building.

Just thinking about all her blogging makes me exhausted and reminds me I still need to have a beer with her. Laura isn’t really the kind of person who toots her own horn though, for all her blogging. I just found out she’s going to be doing something rather amazing:

However, coming up in in just a few short weeks I am going to be taking my homegrown skills in building to South Africa to work with the Zulu Orphan Alliance to build a sustainable shelter for the kids and to teach them skills they can use the rest of their lives.  I am very excited about this opportunity. We have lots of labor and lots of great ideas, but what we need more than anything is money. It’ll cost us $15/day to hire someone in the area to help with the work.  It’ll cost just $10K or so to buy the supplies build the shelter. I know for a fact that every dollar that goes to the Zulu Orphan Alliance will go directly to either these projects or to feed the children.

Which is rather awesome. I’m excited about this. I wish Laura a successful trip and plan to donate a little money to the Zulu Orphan Alliance to help her project. If you have an extra dollar or two, I suggest you consider donating them to this project to help and amazing Pagan do amazing things.

There will be stories of Witches, of Hallows and such to come, but I can tell you my next Pagan Spotlight will feature another Pagan doing something rather audacious. If you know a Pagan doing amazing things, feel free to nominate them for the Pagan Spotlight!

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