If you consider the way your day unfolds, you’ll find a rhythm. Eating breakfast, reading the paper, driving to work, checking email, meetings, phone calls, going to lunch, sundown, bedtime – these things make up the rhythm of our lives and will dictate not only the physical aspects of our day but the spiritual as well.

Did you ever think that the best way to be a disciple may not be to spend an hour a day in reading, meditation and prayer? Many of us resolve to begin there and are soon frustrated. Perhaps the reason that it is not sustainable is that the rest of our day is not set up to point us toward God. It seems we make the physical expression of our faith so difficult – as though grand gestures are the only things worth our time.

Maybe we should start to consider the simple things…maybe they are profoundly spiritual. It is a spiritual thing to say a kind word to a stranger, to fold your clothes and put your shoes in their place at the end of the day – It is a spiritual thing to kiss your child and enjoy a meal with your family. So in the midst of your daily rhythm, take some time – stare at the sunrise, drink your coffee slowly, and give God the glory for the simple things.

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