In the middle of the great snowstorm that wasn’t last week, I was reminded how much we like to know what’s coming before it gets here. As a sports fan I’ve been disturbed to hear that local sportscasts are giving way to weather forecasts. These are the new heroes of the ten o’clock hour and it’s causing me problems.

Picture my wife and I – each grabbing for the remote; me to switch over to “Sportscenter” and she to find that local prognosticator with the power to see into tomorrow and tell us whether it happens in shorts or a raincoat! How we hate to be caught off guard.

Take the new “Scout” system on I-435. Are they actually going to post “you’re sitting here because there’s a wreck on the other side of 435 and your fellow drivers can’t stop rubber-necking” on the Scout?

Well, it reminds me of something lacking in our lives: mystery. God is a mystery. Truth is, God cannot be forecast, and why would you want to? There is nothing more amazing than being caught off guard by the furious love of God – to be swept up in a moment that is filled with grace and reality. Take a chance this week, go to church, and embrace the mystery of God.

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