almost ready

almost ready

words and music by tim suttle

verse one

the air was blue, my heart was lead

came to love and fought instead

and turning circles in the room

the smell of salt and your perfume


and we were flying, and we were almost ready

we were climbing out on a limb

we were crying, we were almost ready

but something pulled us back again

verse two

seeing voices, hearing time

in yellow pictures floating by

in other houses music plays

they all perform their happy plays

verse three

a reaching finger toward the door

a hand goes out then to the floor

the walls they raise their eyes to say

their softly begging you to stay


I can’t make you feel what you did before

and I can’t stop, I can’t stop the slamming door

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  • Is this song going to be on your new record?

  • yep, we’re working hard on it when we can find the time. i think it’ll be out early next year.


  • You’re not still with Ardent, are you? Based upon some of your recent writings, I could see you fitting in better at a place like Lost Highway Records.