artificial resuscitation

hey everyone! thanks for stopping by. Feel free to poke around, read and post at will. Quick update for the Satellite Soul fans who are joining us…we’re working on a record – slowly, and playing a few dates here and there. The record is going to be interesting, we’re treating some new subject material in a little different way for us. Let’s just say CCM won’t be giving us a nice review. If they do i’ll shoot myself. We’re a 5 piece again and at the moment i feel like we are the best we’ve ever been as a band. We’re playing in Green Bay on Nov. 13th with Newsboys and Backseat Becky (Rebecca St. James) maybe todd (bass) can get a date with ms. smallbone! (that’s her real last name)

I’ve been working at heartland.k10, a new church in Kansas City. Me and Kristin had a baby son last November, Nicholas. I’ll post a picture when i figure out how to do it. Church is great. Hopefully ryno will stop by and post from time to time here. Satellite Soul site should be back up in a few months, we took it down because we got tired of people emailing to tell us it was out of date.



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  • Jamie Roach

    I enjoyed the posts. When do you expect the album to be done? I want one-be sure to let me know. Did you get your book reviews done?? Your fellow NTS buddy.

  • Tim Suttle

    got my paper done for dr. noble. now i’m reading gordon fee, it’s a little like chewing dirt so far…hope it gets better.