Peace, Love, and Basketball

Hey Everyone!

For those of you in Kansas City, you’ve probably heard about the new downtown arena. They are deciding today what architecture firm they will go with to design and build this thing. I’m hoping for the group led by Brad Schrock, he goes to our parent church – Heartland Community. Go check out the website they’ve set up at:

There are supposed to be renderings of the design online sometime today, they aren’t up yet but they are supposed to be. I can’t wait to see what they are going to do with this thing. I’m hoping for an NHL team, not an NBA team. I can’t stand NBA ball and hockey looks like a lot more fun to me.

I’m excited about it because after this is built we’ll have a great shot at getting the big 12 tourney back. Which as a K-state grad means that I can get back to going out on Thursday’s during the big 12 tourney and watching K-State blow a 2nd half lead and find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and lose in yet another 1st round game! I need that in my life! Then I can spend the rest of the weekend cheering for KU and pretending that I went to school there and I’m more than just a bandwagon fan!

Peace, love and Basketball!

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  • I stopped watching NBA basketball years ago. You’re right that hockey would be a better sport to hope for! I personally like college hockey best, being a University of Maine grad. UMaine has won two Div. 1 national championships in the past 11 years, and finished 2nd last year.

    As to the woes of being a K-State fan, I understand completely. I’ve been hoping for the Red Sox to win the World Series since before I could walk. They haven’t won since 1918! But this year could be the year!!

  • bummer, red sox fans got it much worse than k-staters. At least we were big 12 champs in football. You can be we’ll be cheering for boston in KC, no love for the yankees around here!

  • Ok, since the Cubs lost today, it probably means that the Cubs won’t be going to the playoffs. Well I am down in Atlanta next week during the playoffs and since the Atlanta fans never support their team in the playoffs I was able to get tickets for game 1 and game 2. This was an act of faith (in the Cubs) that went sour on me.

    Yes, I have never gone to a playoff game and I will still have a good time doing the stupid tomahawk thing.

  • KU 31, KSU 28

    There’s always basketball season… oh wait, we’ll beat you then, too.