You should look at this link posted by N8:


Interesting advertisement – it’s complete spin, though. Falwell is patently not mainstream, even for conservative Christians. One of the things that really cranks me about both sides of any issue with the ‘us’ v. ‘them’ mentality is that we always exploit the worst in each other. We say we’re against the war in Iraq so we trot out Falwell to make all Christians feel like if they support the war, they support Jerry Falwell. Nobody is that homogeneous, even the Christian right – who I’m usually all over. It’s spin…

I can spin their ad…I love a bunch of these guys, Hauerwas, Dunn, Campolo – but their stance is incoherent. I quote, “We reject the notion that America is a ‘Christian Nation,’ representing virtue, while its adversaries are nothing but vicious.” But the whole ad is meant to urge America to act like a Christian nation while saying it’s not a Christian nation – if it’s not a Christian nation, it should be expected to act in its own best interest. Most in the Bush administration speak very diplomatically about Muslim nations and faith. See, spin is fun!

If you want to have Bruce, Eddie, Jackson, John, Dave, et al, make up your mind for you, check this out. Holy cow, this is a new low. Lucky there’s no IQ test for rock star, right Mr. President?


Speaking of IQ test: I read this today, and I think it’s sort of funny – it shows what I mean about spin. This guy takes Kerry test results and Bush test results and converts them to IQ tests – Bush comes out with a higher IQ. It’s all spin!


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  • I, for one, will be very glad to see this year’s election over and done with! I usually am a bit of a political junkie and enjoy these contests, but something about this campaign has soured me toward the whole process. The way that this Iraq war has been used for political gain has bothered me somewhat. I have two friends who are National Guard members, and more importantly, husbands and fathers, and both were called to serve in Iraq. Thank God, both men returned home safely from their tours of duty.

    I am disturbed by both Kerry and Bush in their involvement with the Iraq war. My problem with Kerry is that he has attempted to use nearly every American calamity realized in Iraq as an opportunity to blame Bush for improper judgment. In my mind, Kerry is little more than a political opportunist who would sell his own soul to the devil (and probably his mother’s) if it meant he could become president. This seemingly unquenchable desire for political power at whatever cost is alarming to me, and would prevent me from voting for Kerry to be my own town’s dogcatcher.

    Bush, on the other hand, seems to me to be less consumed with holding political power than Kerry, but disturbs me with his sometimes casual attitude toward the power that he does wield. I believe that Bush wanted to be president more for the sake of pleasing his dad than out of some sense of duty to his country. The apparent ease with which he decided to send troops into Iraq disturbs me, but not as much as Kerry’s zeal for obtaining the office of president.

    The links that you provided were entertaining, to say the least. It’s nice to see that Falwell is still the political lightning rod that he was 20 years ago! And now that I know that Bush is smarter than Kerry, I won’t feel as stupid if I vote for him. 🙂