President Gore

Oh my gosh, this is the funniest thing to come out of SNL since Will Ferrell. If you haven’t seen it go to this link:;=12 and watch it. Where was Al Gore’s sense of humor when he was running the worst presidential campaign of the modern era? I know it’s like sport to pile on Bush these days… so I better just get to it.

Seriosly, what’s going on with dubya? My take is either he just doesn’t care or else he doesn’t have the right people in place to work out of the 29% approval rating hole that he’s in. I have to laugh because many Conservative Christians believe that God chose President Bush for the job because of his faith. Ironically he’s become just one more reason for the rest of the country to despise Christians.

Back to SNL – I seriously hope that they can find a way to make this show funny again. Mid-term elections aren’t going to be interesting enough to bring back the show. They are going to have to find some talent in a big hurry or else it’s going to be the end of a long, great run.

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  • Kevin Bailey


    It IS easy sport to pile on the President. I am a liberal Democrat, who loves God with everything in me, and thinks that the Church has become WAY too political. I also love the President, and think that he’s a good man, doing a tough job, during difficult times. I know it’s the fashionable thing amongst the Christian artistic community to bash the President, but I just won’t go there. If it makes you feel better about yourself, feel free, but it’s not for me.

  • Ok, I’m jealous of you. First, because you are a liberal Democrat. I’ve been trying to be a liberal Democrat for a couple of years now, ever since I read “Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger,” but so far it hasn’t taken, although I’m still trying. How did you do it? Were you always that way? Was it gradual or did it happen all at once? Problem is I had to relinquish being a Republican to try to be a Democrat so now I’m a bit nowhere. Second, I’m jealous because you love God with everything in you. The most I can usually muster is about 40-45% on a good day. That’s one of the reasons I love music, especially leading worship with a band – it makes me forget about the majority of my dark heart which only loves myself.

    What’s with the line “if it makes you feel better about yourself, feel free?” Is that something we should devote some time to? Are you trying to say I’m bashing Bushy & SNL to make myself feel better? You hardly know me…how’d you figure that out? Actually, this is where I get upset because I’m trying to become a decent writer and failing miserably. My point was to attempt to point out the irony of how sucky SNL is right now & how they got rescued that night by a sucky presidential candidate who ran a sucky campaign who just piled on some of the sucky things about dubya. Since you didn’t get what I meant I’m guessing that means it was a sucky pieced of writing…and that sucks! I’ll do better next time. Glad you are posting here! Peace.

  • Tim-

    I just lost a relatively lengthy response in the ether. I’ll summarize.

    1) My problem with your post wasn’t that it attacked the President. I disagree with him a lot on SPECIFIC issues. You seemed to be taking nothing more than a general cheap shot based on the most nebulous of foundations in a sagging approval rating. I listed a few specific points I disagree with the President strongly on in my lost post, but I don’t feel like retyping them here. Suffice it to say that I probably disagree with him more than I agree with him.

    2) I didn’t appreciate the shot you took at people who believe that the President is God’s man for this time.

    3) You spent very little time making what you claimed was the “point” of the post. The majority of the post was spent taking a cheap shot at the President. The last paragraph was the only place you really made the point at all.

    4) I agree with you wholeheartedly about SNL. Just not that funny anymore.

    5) I think I made other points, but I don’t remember them.

    6) This is a cool blog. Keep up the good work.

    7) I will post more about my politics and Christianity if you really want to know. It seemed like you were being more than a bit snide in your remarks about both, so I decline for now to do so. If you’re seriously interested in how I came to my politics and my spirituality, I’d be more than happy to address both issues.


  • Dude, you have to read what I wrote again. It wasn’t a cheap shot at W or a commentary on him in any way. (You have no idea what I think about him because I’ve never written about it). The post wasn’t a cheap shot at people who think he’s “God’s man for this time.” The post was his approval ratings, his response, & some ironic side effects along w/an ironic interaction w/snl. (as well as the stuff I mentioned in my previous clarification) “Lemme esplain…no there is no time…lemmee sum up.”

    I think you are getting tripped up by the line “It seems like sport to pile on Bush these days…so I’ll get to it.” That’s a loose quote from Bill Mahr in the movie “Primary Colors.” It was just a joke. I wasn’t really piling on. Which is why the next paragraph starts with “Seriously…as in before was a joke, now I’m serious.”

    The two options I wrote seem like two likely scenarios for the fact that his approval ratings aren’t moving. I did not pass judgment on either and you haven’t engaged either one.

    Multiple times over the past 5 years, especially after he won the election against Kerry, I’ve heard Christians take credit for electing George Bush. There were stories about it in Time & US News as well as online stuff – this is well covered territory and not my original thought. You have to admit that & if you will then perhaps you can see how the fact that Bush has incredibly low approval ratings is ironically turned against those who first claimed credit for electing him. Get what I’m saying? Like the rest of the folks are saying “you gave us this guy who nobody likes?”

    Sorry you didn’t like my post but you still haven’t engaged it yet. You are taking swings at stuff that isn’t there.

  • Are you seriously maintaining that you don’t understand how the following quote could have been taken as being a “cheap shot” at the President?

    “I have to laugh because many Conservative Christians believe that God chose President Bush for the job because of his faith. Ironically he’s become just one more reason for the rest of the country to despise Christians.”

    People who choose to “despise Christians” because of their perceptions of Pres. Bush are as shallow as a pool of piss behind a tree at a lake. Despising Christians for such a reason would be akin to me despising Buddhists because I think Phil Jackson’s a prick. And it seems that you tacitly agree (adding the word “ironically” to the beginning of your sentence doesn’t exonerate you from the thoughts you put forth in the sentence) that there might be a reason for the “rest of the country” to “despise Christians” because of Pres. Bush. Such generalizations are a sign of a weak mind, and I know from your other posts on this blog that your mind is not weak.

    You also maintain that you have never put forth your opinion on Pres. Bush on this blog. I maintain that this post makes it very clear where you stand with regards to the President. I have no problem with that, other than I wish you would give some kind of reasons WHY you don’t much like him. After all, there are CERTAINLY plenty of reasons from which to choose. I wish I had not lost my other post, as it offered my own points of contention with the President on various issues.

  • You presume too much, you have no idea where I am politically because I really don’t write about it. You have no idea what I think of Bush either – I could have voted for him twice for all you know. You are still missing the point…of what I said.

    I’m spelling out the logic and this is all I’m posting on this because this discussion is going nowhere:

    Religious Conservatives took credit for electing bush:

    Baptist Press

    Christianity Today

    Article w/some good quotes.;=7078&abbr;=cs_

    Bush had low approval ratings when I wrote the post:

    Fox news:,2933,195547,00.html

    If Christians proudly took the credit for getting Bush elected and 70% of the country doesn’t like the job he’s doing, can you see why I might say he’s become one more reason for people to despise Christians? You may disagree but I think that is ironic.

    You are passing judgment on people who might despise Christians not me – I would really challenge your comment about them being shallow as, well you know how you put it. People who feel disenfranchised can’t just be dismissed as shallow.

    You are right the “rest of the country” is too general and that was very, very bad writing. I could have been more specific, but it was a short off the cuff blog. I now regret posting anything in this entry but the link to the Gore video which I still maintain quite was funny.

    You can write all you want on this post I’m out.

  • Tim-

    I regret that you’re “out” of this post. I enjoy a good give-and-take. As for people who “despise Christians” because of their perceptions of Pres. Bush, they are EXTREMELY shallow. If my vivid description of how shallow I feel that is offended, I apologize. How can despising a whole class of people based on your perception of a man who happens to share one characteristic with those people NOT be shallow? I would be interested in hearing how you feel it would be any different than me hating Zen Buddhists because I think Phil Jackson (a Zen Buddhist) is a jerk.

    I do hope you don’t choose to bail on this discussion. I think that you’ve sparked a discussion (intentionally or not) that needs to be had.

  • BTW, the Gore thing WAS very funny, which had gotten lost in our tangential discussion.

  • I’ll offer a couple of related observations. First, public opinion regarding President Bush is low for two reasons. The biggest reason is because the mainstream media has decided that they’re tired of Bush and will do whatever they can to cause his poll numbers to sink. Part of this is political and the rest is due to their own perception of what their role is in society (which is to set the agenda of what is truly important for Americans to focus upon). When Bush won the Presidency, I was fascinated to watch Chris Matthews and some other liberal news people express how bewildered they were that right-wing Christians came out in droves to elect the guy. They apparently were perplexed at this show of force, and at first didn’t know what to make of it. Now they are doing everything they can to make sure that his approval ratings stay in the tank, in order that there will be a shift in power during the mid-term elections, and more importantly, during the next Presidential election. This is not just in keeping with their overall political desires, but also to ensure that either of the two primary political movements don’t keep a grip on power for too long at a time (since that would further impact their desire to keep the political landscape in the U.S. fluid). To summarize, I believe that the media views themselves as the fourth branch of the U.S. government, and is bent on lowering Americans’ opinion of Bush in order to maintain their own position of importance in the process of influencing public opinion. They did the same thing to Clinton in Clinton’s second term, so I don’t think that this part of their agenda is based on political ideology.

    The second reason for Bush’s low approval numbers is the war in Iraq. The insurgency has killed enough American soldiers in these roadside bombings to turn public opinion in the U.S. against the war, and consequently, against Bush. Forget the weapons of mass destruction agrument. The noble aim of trying to create a democracy in the heart of the Middle East (other than Israel) has obviously turned out to be more daunting than the neocons originally thought. Where Iraq ends up in a couple years is anyone’s guess. But Americans’ short attention span and desire to have results immediately have hurt the chances that there will be a viable democracy in Iraq for years to come. Bush is now paying the price.

  • Anthony-

    I would agree with both your points, with some reservations.

    I think that there IS a concerted effort by the media to focus on those issues detrimental to this presidency, and to downplay–or simply ignore, in some cases–issues that bolster this presidency. One glaring example is the economy. It is, quite simply, rolling along, yet there’s an almost complete dearth of anything other than a barebones reporting of the basic facts. Yet when it appeared to be faltering (through early 2004) there were many stories about it. As for the religious right, I would not give them full credit for electing Pres. Bush. I think that America as a whole is not as liberal as I am, nor as the press would like it to be. The election of a man perceived as conservative has more to do with that than any “show of force” of the religious right, in my opinion.

    As for the War in Iraq, I agree that the impatience of the American public has much to do with the perceived failures of the Bush Administration with regards to the war. However, I feel that the war was mishandled, both from a PR perspective, and from a simple “boots-on-the-ground” perspective. While I can respect the blunt straightforwardness of Donald Rumsfeld, this war has been mishandled from the preparations onward. Sec. Rumsfeld underestimated the number of troops we would need, the reception we would receive, and what would be necessary for reconstruction after the initial imperative of removing Hussein was accomplished. If ever a man deserved to be fired, it’s Rumsfeld. Yet Pres. Bush’s loyalty–a trait I usually admire–keeps Rumsfeld in his job. Therefore, I think a lot of Pres. Bush’s “wounds” with regards to the War in Iraq are self-inflicted from his stubborn refusal to deal with Rumsfeld’s incompetent prosecution of the war and the Defense Department as a whole.

  • Kevin, I agree that Rumsfeld and the DOD have at times mishandled the Iraq war, especially on the PR front. But I also believe that the political opponents of Bush have tried to use the efforts of the insurgency for their own political gain, with the assistance of the media, which is in my view shameful. If the democrats take the White House in 2008, and US involvement in Iraq continues, then it will be interesting to see how attitudes toward the Iraq conflict change.