Sigur Ros

About a year ago my friend Isaac told me about this band – Sigur Ros that I needed to check out. He suggested that I just look on youtube and find live footage. But the first thing I clicked on was this video for the song Glosoli. On youtube it’s low quality and not it the Cinema dimensions. Even so, I fell in love with their music. J. Hall hooked me up with more of their music (thanks J.), and I’ve been studying to this stuff for the past year. It’s great to study to because they are either singing in Icelandic or their own made-up language. I’m not tempted to try and figure out what they are saying so I can just read with this incredible music in my ears that isn’t really a distraction.
Anyway, J. just sent me a link to the hi-res version of the video to the song Glosoli. It’s incredible…go watch it. It’s so worth the time. I love it when the kid starts beating the drum.
After you watch this you’ll know two things. 1) why i love Sigur Ros even though I don’t understand one word of what he is saying. 2) why drummers are always cool

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  • they have a new record coming out in a few weeks, which they streaming the entire thing on myspace now. they are also putting out a DVD they did themselves about a small tour of the icelandic countryside they did. looks amazing, and it revitalizes my desire to go there.

    i’m fully convinced that all the elves of middle earth left to go to iceland…..Bjork, Sigur Ros, Mum…….an enchanted land, with beautiful music.

    the Glosoli video makes me weep. watching children drop what they are doing to follow the drummer boy into the unknown…..the doubting toddler that jumps……crushingly beautiful.

    the song title means, “glowing sun”

    it’s been years since a band has changed my perspective on art, and how it can change people. Sigur Ros does that every time i listen, and i can’t understand a single word out of his mouth……which makes it all the more special. it truly transcends verbal communication. it’s vicseral.

  • gr

    That video reminds me how much I like Sigur Ros. I just bought the new double CD (Hvarf/Heim), which is simply beautiful. It really sounds like sacred music, even though–or maybe because–I don’t know a word of “Hopelandic.” The meditative quality of it would work so well in a church setting. Someone needs to create a contemplative service using this music!