Fall From Grace – Movie

If you have SHOWTIME check out the upcoming documentary “Fall from Grace.” It’s a great film about Fred Phelps. I had the great fortune to produce a track for the film earlier this year. Satellite Soul played the music and our good friend and sometimes band-mate Janette Crawford sang the track – J. Hall mixed – it was really fun. Ryan Jones is a creative and insightful filmaker – it’s just a really good film.
"Donald isn’t. Paramount to you. I want to be able to feed my family."

Finding Integrity on the Political Right
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Finding Integrity on the Political Right
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Finding Integrity on the Political Right

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  • These idiots from the Westboro cult showed up at a funeral of a soldier from here in Maine who was killed in Iraq. Fortunately, we also had some bikers from the Patriot Guard Riders group who also came and served as a barrier between the true mourners and the lunatics from Westboro. I’m very surprised that someone hasn’t taken out this church, given all of the groups that they’ve targeted with their hatred.

  • yep, you live by the sword you die by the sword – it seems the bikers have begun to use the Phelps’ own tactics against them. You’ve gotta watch this film. It is such an interesting look at this family. They basically allowed Ryan Jones unfettered access to their family for over a year. He could come to all of their worship services, family gatherings, protests, etc. He even chases down a few of the family members who left the family and got away.

    One of the escaped children said his diagnosis is that they are all rage-aholics. To the out of context observer, they are normal looking people. They all wear normal clothes, they are intelligent people, many of the family members are working lawyers who work for a firm or for the state. Then they have this other life of rage-filled venom about this wierd homosexuality issue. Truly bizarre situation, but a great film.

  • yet another group of people wrecking the image of christianity. put down the bullhorn and back away slowly……no one needs to get hurt.

    i was glad to mix this song and contribute to the whole of exposing these clowns.

    IQ doesn’t make these people smart. in this case, it’s quite the opposite.