McDonald’s chocolate chip cookies are like crack. I cannot stop eating these stupid things. Our church office is under construction right now and so I’ve been without an office since the end of July. That’s three and a half months now that I’ve been sponging internet off places like Panera or McDonalds. For awhile Panera was winning out until they protected their network and made it impossible for me to send email from my Outlook. Now I’m stuck with McDonalds. One day I tried their 3 chocolate cookies for a dollar deal – big mistake. Once I started eating these things I couldn’t stop. Now I’m totally addicted to them. They are probably loaded with three times the sugar of they typical cookie and they probably inject them with some sort of radioactive trans-fatty-acid. But I don’t care. Here’s hoping our office gets finished before I need bypass surgery.

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  • Tim – no kidding on the cookies. I remember when Choc Chip Cookies weren’t the only culprits. There were Sugar cookies too. Yikes. Good thing I cut sugar out of my diet. Peace to you.


  • That double cheeseburger for a buck is what gets me at McD’s (440 calories). And the hot fudge sundae for a buck (375 calories with the nuts) is nearly as bad. The Choc Chip cookies have 270 calories, so you could being doing worse. http://www.mcdonalds.com/app_controller.nutrition.index1.html