Estus Pirkle Rocks!

You have simply got to watch this video: The Believer’s Heaven

The funniest part is watching the reaction of the crowd, especially the little kids in the audience. I’m guessing these kids have undergone years of therapy.

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  • I am thinking about showing this to my theology class. It’s pretty amazing.

  • here’s the deal, I’m not a theologian and I don’t profess to be. I make grammatical mistakes, and you would too if you worked in a community where subject verb agreement is simply not a priority on anyone’s list.

    I’m not claiming my thoughts or ideas are true, I’m just trying to think on paper. I don’t claim my opinions or ideas represent the emerging conversation or postmodern theology in any way shape or form. My ideas represent my ideas and my opinions.

    I will take your advice and keep reading more theology until I’ve progressed beyond sophomoric, but that’s all I’m doing, progressing. I will never arrive and my blog will never carry any absolute truth claims. So if you’re looking for absolute truth or doctorate level theology, please visit another blog.