Intuitive Leadership – Session Three


How to find yourself if you are lost is sort of like GPS – it works by triangulation. He has three points on the triangle which have big circles around them which form rings.

– Context and Culture
– Gospel and Theology
– Structures and Church

Context and Culture:
Who are we? What is our language, what is our social setting. Most of us cannot talk about our lives. We have now we are actually living our lives and how we talk about it are generally very different things.

Gospel and Theology:
These are always mediated through social tools. Unless you read the bible in original Greek and Hebrew – you are making interpretive decisions. You have to use context and culture through which you look at Gospel and theology.

Structures and Church:
How does the stuff we believe become embodied in the life of our community? This is the hardest of the three things to change. The reason this is true is because this circle holds an incredible amount of power. If we use 3 to triangulate our position at any given time to figure out where we are and how we perceive reality overflows into our structures.

This is the process of deconstruction which is NOT destruction we always deconstruct but we don’t need to destroy. Jesus did this – “you have heard it said this but I say this” – If Jesus accepts the premise of the questions he received then he’s only locked into a certain few answers, so he reframes the questions. But Jesus says, “your criteria are too small for what God is doing and wants to do in the world.” Hermeneutic of suspicion or humility is what is needed.

We need to celebrate mistakes. We need to have contests that celebrate the biggest mistakes in our organizations, vote on it, and give them a prize.

We live in a “post” world. Post does not mean “anti.” The fact that you are “post” teenager doesn’t mean that you are anti teenager, just that you are past that time in your life. Post should be understood in this way. It just means, “what comes after.” Post-modern does not mean anti-modern, it’s just what comes after.

Post modern and post enlightenment is just a new way of living and being the people of God because as we’ve mapped our environment, this is just the new reality that is coming to be. The culture is just going this way. Those who grip tightly to Modernity say “this is reality,” and the rest of the world increasingly sees them as out of touch and ignorant.

“The old story asserts that resistance to change is a fact of life. Bound by a worldview that seeks stability and control change is always undesirable. But the new story explains resistance not as a fact of life, but as evidence of an act against life. Life is in motion constantly creating, exploring, discovering. Nothing alive, including us, presents these great creative motions. But all life resists control. All of life reacts to any process that inhibits its freedom to create itself.” – Meg Wheatley

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