Roxburgh & Franke Session Three

They are looking at the idea of Gospel & trying to figure out if it is something external to culture that exists in the mind of God which we then have to figure out how to translate into a given culture. OR is gospel something that we actually encounter and discover as culture. We had quite a bit of discussion about this.

Essentially we were having a conversation about what the gospel is. We talked through truth as “event” and my question was whether we can think of gospel as event. Thinking of Gospel as event makes it so all of our words to describe “Gospel” helpful but they can never “be” that event. There is always much more to the story.

AR “The gospel is what we discover together in a particular time and place about what Jesus is up to. We only hear the gospel through the ‘other.’” Much of what Roxburgh is basing this on is rooted in Trinitarian thought. It’s really solid stuff.

“What we’re saying is that if we ask questions of who is this God and what is this God up to, that in 2008 in North America (not china elsewhere) you can only answer the question of what is an ecclesial theology if we cross boundaries and listen to the other, otherwise we’ll never be missional.“

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