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  • Seth D.

    Interesting chart, Tim, but there is no ledger as to what the horizontal units are. Also, unless I remember incorrectly, the economy runs in 7 year cycles, so what is taking place at a particular time was set in motion years before. At least that is what I was taught in college.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10974397437648079481 Tim Suttle

    Yeah, the left side bar should be labelled percentage of population living in poverty. I’ve never heard of the 7 year cycles, but I’m surely not an economist! In fact I’m a terrible businessman! It sounds intriguing though.

  • Seth D.

    Yeah. I think most people don’t understand that b/c it just doesn’t seem to make sense that it takes 7 years to move our economy, but it does. Just to make sure I asked a buddy that is an investment banker and he said that is 100% correct. He then went on to say that is why we most likely will never get a good energy policy in place. It would take two terms of president and the EXACT same plan to make it stick.