Good Words

I’m trying to learn about 2000 words over the next year or so. I am learning how much I love language and vocabulary in particular. Precise words packed with meaning and connotation are an incredible tool. Here are a few good words:

desultory: having no purpose, plan or inthusiasm; aimless; haphazard; digressing at random; lacking a plan.
obdurate: unmoved by persuasion, stubbornly resistant to moral influence.
intractable: not easy to control or deal with; hard to work with.
cabal: a small group of people secretly united to promote their own interests.
soporific: inducing sleep.
abase, abash, abate, abet: important to know the difference between these four – all good words.
laconic: using very few words; brief and to the point; curt.
equanimity: calmness and composure under pressure.

Knowledge is power!

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  • If you are serious about learning words or anything in general, I have discovered this program for Mac called Mental Case. It is basically a flash-card program that focuses on the cards you get right and flashes progressively less often the more times you learn it. It is pretty easy to make cards and even add pictures. There might also be another program out there that you can add audio. I am using it to study for my professional exam.
    I particularly like idioms and have picked up a few podcasts about american english phrases and their origins. I think specifically having word goals is a great idea, and I don’t know anyone that does it. How often do we just skip the words we read because we are trying to blast through a book? I tend to use a new word so much that people notice and laugh at me.