Obnoxious Reading List

Obnoxious Reading List April 13, 2009

I’m being shamed by the stack of books at which I indolently stare. I need to read. Maybe this week I’ll make a dent? I thought I’d just get them out there – start a little public humiliation:

Jurgen Moltmann
Theology of Hope
The Crucified God
The Church in the Power of the Spirit (Re-read)

Walter Rauschenbusch
Christianity and the Social Crisis
Christianizing the Social Order
Theology for the Social Gospel (Re-read)

Rodney Stark
The Rise of Christianity
Cities of God
Discovering God
What Americans Really Believe

The Stragglers: books I can’t believe I haven’t read
The Great Emergence by Phyllis Tickle
The Peacable Kingdom by Hauerwas

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  • Moltmann’s The Church in the Power of the Spirit is actually next on my list. But first I’ve got several hundred pages left to finish in Wright’s The Resurrection of the Son of God. I found Theology of Hope to be quite a bit more difficult than Crucified God or Trinity and the Kingdom, both of which I really enjoyed and found meaningful.

  • The Church in the Power of the Spirit is the only Moltmann text I've read so far. I've started Theology of Hope several times & always bog down a couple of chapters in. I'm impressed that you are working through that Wright text – thats almost 800 pages!

  • Tim,

    Why Rodney Stark?

  • Several friends have been reading him and they’ve recommended that I read his stuff. I also have to preach for a couple of months on the early church and I wanted to read some church history from a different approach.

    Do you know anything about him? He’s a Sociologist, so you know.

  • Re-reading Theology of Hope and started The Source of Life. Moltmann is doing a 3 day gig in Chicago this Fall that I am going to attend. Should be facinating

  • Cool man, i’m going to that. let’s meet up for a meal or something.

  • Sounds great. You obviously enjoyed the UK. Haven’t been there yet but for the past 6 years we’ve been going to Germany around the Christmas holiday. Fascinating to see buildings and villages much older than our nation.