Kempis on Suffering

“Jesus has many lovers of His heavenly kingdom, but few bearers of his cross. He has many seekers of consolation, but few of tribulation. He finds many companions at His feasting, but few at his fasting. All desire to rejoice in him; few are willing to endure anything for him. Many follow Jesus as far as the breaking of bread, but few to the drinking of the cup of his passion. Many reverence his miracles, but few will follow the shame of his cross. Many love Jesus as long as no adversaries befall them. Many praise and bless him so long as they receive some consolation from him. But if Jesus hide himself and leave them but for a brief time, they begin to complain or become overly despondent in mind.”

Thomas a’ Kempis

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Tim Suttle is a pastor, writer, and musician. He is the author of several books: Shrink: Faithful Ministry in a Church Growth Culture (Zondervan 2014), Public Jesus (The House Studio, 2012), and An Evangelical Social Gospel? (Cascade Books, 2011). Tim's work has been featured at The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, Sojourners, and other magazines and journals. Tim is also the founder and front-man of the popular Christian band Satellite Soul, with whom he toured for nearly a decade. He has planted three successful churches over the past 13 years and is the Senior Pastor of Redemption Church in Olathe, Kan. Tim's blog, Paperback Theology, is hosted at Patheos.

  • Loren

    Hey Tim I don't have a comment on this topic but a question about the outcome of the November elections. At the time you wrote a post titled "Christian and an Obama supporter". My question is, is Obama who you thought he was? The ramifications have been astounding concerning the changes to government(oversight,debt levels,taxes,foreign poilcy w/Israel,spending,doublespeak,etc.). Considering that democrats control the legislative and executive branches, it seems as if the democratic leadership has decided "now is THE opportunity" to get done what we want. I guess it's two questions, Is Obama who you thought he was? and has America changed for the better(long term) since he was elected?

  • Tim Suttle

    Hey Loren…for a response to your questions see the latest post. Thanks for inspiring this post, btw. :)