Book Contract with Wipf & Stock

I signed a deal a few moths ago with Wipf & Stock Publishers to write a book. It’s going to be a sort of post-liberal reading of Walter Rauschenbusch’s Theology for the Social Gospel (1917). Has to be to the publisher by the end of November, 2010. I’m stoked!

I just wrote the longest paper of my life; 64 pages, 19,000 words, which is a precursor to the book. I’m attempting to show that Walter Rauschenbusch has been mislabeled and misunderstood as a failed Protestant Liberal, and that he said some really good things we should reconsider. I want to try and provide pastors some theological rationale for the moves that they are making in their church concerning social justice by exploring the social nature of sin, salvation and a theology of the kingdom of God. As I’ve been reading his work, what others say about him – good and bad – and forming my own argument, I realize how much I respect this man’s life.
I see brilliance in 2 of his assertions:

Sin: make whatever claims you want about sin, but if your doctrine does not deal with the social manifestation of sin, it misses the mark.

Salvation: make whatever Christological claims you want, but if your doctrine does not deal with the social aspect of salvation, it will never be an effective means of social change.

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  • Incredibly happy for you, Tim! I want to be like you when I grow up!

    Can I tell my ethics professor about this? So exciting!

  • To your point about salvatio … as I was listening to the N.T. Wright lectures at Wheaton, I was reminded at numberous points how he understands the difference between "justification" and "salvation." Salvation involves the whole project of redeeming creation, while justification has a more particular focus in terms of humanity. Humans are justified for something, which involves the salvation of the world. So, this fits with WR.

  • How's the book coming along?

  • Four chapters in. Still plugging away! How're you doing?

  • That's fantastic. I'm looking forward to reading it when it's published. I can't even imagine the process of writing a book. I just got done with a 20 page paper for a systematics class and thought that was overwhelming(first paper in 18 years).
    Life's good. Something about the warmth of summer sun and the green of the grass sure changes my disposition. How about you? Summer break with young kids sure must be a hoot.