This One’s for You, Jennifer…

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  • Jen

    Thank you! :)

  • Scott Stone

    Great band, great video. Good weather for an airstrike…interesting thought.

    How's it going?

  • Tim Suttle

    Good, Scott – Graduating w/MDiv. in a couple of weeks. Just did a contract with Wipf & Stock to write a book. It's sort of a post-liberal reading of Walter Rauschenbusch's classic, A Theology for the Social Gospel. Go on 3 month Sabbatical from church on May 20th – can't wait!

    How are you? How's the school thing?

  • Scott Stone

    Congratulations on all! The book idea sounds fascinating. School is a killer but great. Really glad I chose Fuller. I needed to be challenged, actually smacked around a bit but its a good thing. A summer on Sabbatical should be fantastic. Enjoy!

  • Kate

    Hey, Tim – Are you familiar with Riceboy Sleeps? Lead singer in Sigur Ros is is part of Riceboy. Astoundingly dreamy, drifty music.

  • Tim Suttle

    Just listened to some of their stuff on youtube – stinking great music. Who knew playing a guitar with a bow for more than just a gimmick would work out so well? I'm assuming that it's all instrumental – everything I listened to was.

    Sigur Ros is my study music of choice. Riceboy Sleeps might have to get a turn now!

  • Kate

    Only if sleeping and studying can coexist in the same workspace for you. : ) I can't stay awake if I listen to R.S.