This One’s for You, Jennifer…

"A couple of years ago, I realized that the concept of rights is in opposition ..."

Gun Rights and the Virtue of ..."
"In case you are interested, here is a short article from the Washington Post by ..."

Gun Rights and the Virtue of ..."
"Hello,I know this is a old post, which i came across recently. What are your ..."

All Modern Bible Translations are Good, ..."
"Same to you. Didn't mean to be so negative in my response. Emotions run high ..."

Gun Rights and the Virtue of ..."

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  • Jen

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Great band, great video. Good weather for an airstrike…interesting thought.

    How's it going?

  • Good, Scott – Graduating w/MDiv. in a couple of weeks. Just did a contract with Wipf & Stock to write a book. It's sort of a post-liberal reading of Walter Rauschenbusch's classic, A Theology for the Social Gospel. Go on 3 month Sabbatical from church on May 20th – can't wait!

    How are you? How's the school thing?

  • Congratulations on all! The book idea sounds fascinating. School is a killer but great. Really glad I chose Fuller. I needed to be challenged, actually smacked around a bit but its a good thing. A summer on Sabbatical should be fantastic. Enjoy!

  • Hey, Tim – Are you familiar with Riceboy Sleeps? Lead singer in Sigur Ros is is part of Riceboy. Astoundingly dreamy, drifty music.

  • Just listened to some of their stuff on youtube – stinking great music. Who knew playing a guitar with a bow for more than just a gimmick would work out so well? I'm assuming that it's all instrumental – everything I listened to was.

    Sigur Ros is my study music of choice. Riceboy Sleeps might have to get a turn now!

  • Only if sleeping and studying can coexist in the same workspace for you. : ) I can't stay awake if I listen to R.S.