New Article on Huffington Post

Hey Everyone – I’ve got a new article up on the Huffington Post:

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  • Scott Stone

    Nice post at the HuffPo. Any thoughts on whether we will ever be able to celebrate the sacrament together? As a former Catholic with many of my family members still Catholic, Sunday's are a strange day. They go one way and I go another. I think about whether the sacrament will ever resemble the agape feast it probably was during the 1st century compared to what most of us experience now.

  • Tim Suttle

    That's a good question, Scott. I really don't think we'll see it in our lifetime. Although there are many priests I know, who know me and my family and they allow me to receive communion with them sometimes. I always walk forward with them and have the priest bless me and our boys even if we cannot receive communion.