With a little help from my friends…

So, I wrote this book for Cascade books called An Evangelical Social Gospel?: Finding God’s Story in the Midst of Extremes. The book is about the nexus of the personal and corporate aspects of the Christian faith & how they have to be held together in order for Christianity to be intelligible. I’m trying to offer solid theological footing for those who are attempting to envision a different kind of faith-life than the one they grew up with.

The writing was really challenging and fun, but the best part – by far – has been hearing from people I look up to as they have read the book and offered their endorsements/reviews. A 6:30am phone call from Stanley Hauerwas and subsequent conversation about the book is my current favorite moment – one I’ll never forget! Sitting on Walter Rauschenbusch’s old couch in Paul Raushenbush‘s family cottage in Chatham is a close second – ironically Paul got a call from Hauerwas while we were visiting. Paul also wrote the foreword for the book & did a phenomenal job introducing it. Shane Claiborne took the time to read it and offered one of my favorite analogies concerning what I’m trying to do. Brian McLaren offered a blurb & some really encouraging words as I was finishing up. Tony Campolo added his two cents as well as John Franke, Christopher Evans, Steve McCormick, and Mary Nelson. I have incredible respect for all of these folks & I know their recommendations have really helped to raise awareness about my work.
Now it’s your turn to help! First of all – if you haven’t bought the book yet, you could click here and get yourself a copy! That matters more than anything else.
If you have bought a copy & have actually read it, then first of all – thanks! I love it that you took the time. The next thing you can do is write a review. An amazon review is really helpful & raises a lot of awareness for the book. All you do is click on the book, then click “customer reviews,” then click “write your own review.” After that you just rate the book & write anything from 2 words to a full review. Any review you write helps – short or small, negative or positive.
Finally you can click “like” on a couple of things – first click “like” on the book page, then click “like” on my author page at Amazon. Both of those raise awareness for the book & lead other people to follow the link & check out the book.
Thanks to all of you who have been supporting me & helping to get the word out about the book. I’m really grateful!
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