Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I woke up in the middle of the night with a fever and a head-cold. I confess that this ticks me off not because I will feel rotten for awhile, but because I need to have a productive day & feeling sick will threaten that. I confess that this is surely a sign of my issues regarding productivity and self-worth. The only upside I can see is that sometimes antihistamines can help me concentrate better – does that mean I have ADHD?

I confess that I am not a very fast reader, although I wish I were. I confess that I would probably trade an appendage for that skill, I would gladly give any toe on either foot except my big toes – I need those for making hellacious cuts when playing basketball with my 8 year old son. I would also consider trading my ring finger on my right hand – that way there would be only minimal limitation on guitar & I could probably find a way to work around it on piano – although I would rather do the deal w/a toe. Seriously, I want to trade my toe so as to be able to speed read – nothing record breaking, I’m talking a book a day kind of speed reading powers.

I confess that I think the word “missional” is the new “seeker” when it comes to church leadership. I confess that I have issues being cynical about the new trend of mega-churches using missional language in order to appear hip. I confess that I am never more at my worst than when I am being cynical and that it is like poison to my soul. I confess that I’m never more at my best that when I am being hopeful and wanting the best for others – even those who co-opt the language of mission to become more of a big deal… there I did it again.

I confess that I would have no problem voting for a Mormon.

I confess that I wish the Chiefs would keep losing so we can get a higher draft pick. I confess that I hate hearing the yearly stories about the 72 Dolphins cracking open Champaign bottles each time the final undefeated team loses.

I confess that I found “Gilead” on the clearance shelf at Half Price Books and bought it for one dollar even though I already have a copy, and that I did this solely because I can now give one copy away. So if you want a copy of Gilead, come see me. I confess that I will not charge you a dollar.

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