Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I often have a difficult time getting myself to work on Mondays. I spend way too much time reading other people’s blogs and catching up on the news. I confess that navigating the papers online is not nearly as fun or productive as having the real things in my hand. I realize this makes me sound old or snobbish. I confess that I don’t care. I miss paper.

I confess that I have been trying to get up at 6:15 every morning so that I can read for an hour and a half before I take Lewis to school. I confess that it’s been more like 6:30, and that the first 15 minutes has been spent mostly picking my head up off the book after dozing off. I confess that getting up early has had two unintended consequences on the rest of my day: the excessive need for coffee or soda in the afternoons, an inability to stay up late watching Friday Night Lights with Kristin (we are working our way through season 2 right now… I still don’t get the hype… I confess).

I confess that I ran 38 miles last week, which is the most I’ve run in a single week since the marathon I ran – like 20 years ago. I confess that I’m pretty sure all of this running is resulting in some sort of stress fracture in my lower leg – but that could just be that I’m a bigger weenie now than I’ve ever been before, or that I weigh (literally) 40 pounds more now that I did when I was in college (I weighed 130 lbs when I finished that race).

I confess that I’m trying to be disciplined about my reading, but find that it’s impossible to read with consistency and concentration if my computer is open. I pride myself on being a disciplined person and so this is deeply troubling to me.

I confess that although I really enjoy football, I am not looking forward to the constant speculation, whining, and nonsense that will follow in the aftermath of Haley’s firing. Nothing is worse than sports talk radio during a coaching change. I confess that I really don’t care that K-State got jobbed by the BCS, because Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl is the best the Wildcats could’ve hoped for. I confess that I think people are crazy to criticize KU’s hiring of Weis as their new head coach. I think he’s going to do an amazing job & the league better watch out.

I confess that it’s budget time – also known as the yearly reminder that I’m a terrible money manager.

Your turn!

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  • I confess that this is the only post I've left a comment on. I confess that I've half avoided it, because I knew if I had time to post, I had time to come help you, and now that I've done that I'm free to comment guilt free-ish. I love the blog.

  • Yeah man! Thanks for "hanging" with us (pun-intended!)

  • I confess I spoke with Nick who leads worship at Heartland Community Church where i have attended for 6 years asking about a Harmonica teacher(i'm looking to take my playing to the next level now) and he suggested i see if i could hunt you down.. not his exact words.. Which i have now… I confess I am HOG'S fan and know many of my other friends will be disappointed when the Hogs beat Kstate in the Cotton Bowl…