Monday Morning Confessional (on Tuesday)

I made my confession… you make yours!

I confess that I used to take Francis Schaeffer seriously, until I started reading his son Frank Shaeffer’s book “Crazy for God.” I confess that although I’m only halfway through the book, I no longer take Francis Schaeffer seriously. I confess that I hope my sons never write a book about our family.
I confess that I think Oklahoma Statedeserved to lose the Fiesta Bowl last night. I confess that Matt Millen should never again be a color analyst for a nationally televised game.
I confess that several times during my junior high and high school years I would fake sick on the first day or two back from Christmas break. I just didn’t have it… Today is my kid’s first day back to school and my first day back to work (fully). I confess that I think I feel a headache coming on.
I confess that I also faked sick when I was young to get out of going to church. I confess that I’m sometimes sad that this option is no longer available to me.
I confess that I’m not looking forward to an entire day of news out of Iowa about how they are the presidential wine tasters of America– as though Iowais where real American’s live and the rest of us are just not quite there yet. I confess that, given their erratic primary behavior,  I’m finding it hard to take Iowa seriously anymore. I confess that the only thing that could truly get me excited about this election is if Trump threw his hat back in the ring.
I confess that I believe the best presidential primary possible would be if we let Stanley Hauerwas choose the candidates for each part.
I confess that I made a New Year’s resolution for the first time in over a decade. This resolution is to read the bible through in 2012, and the pace is about 3 chapters a day. I confess that it’s Jan. 2 and I’m already 6 chapters behind.
I confess that I would like to exchange bodies with Gary Clark Jr. for one day, just to play and sing like that.
I confess to being bothered by the Twilight Saga. It grosses me out.
I confess that I ran at least 5 or 6 miles every day in the month of December. I confess that this has not netted the kind of weight loss I was hoping for – mostly due to things like French Fries and Christmas toffee.
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