Pat Robertson’s 2012 Prediction: “This country will begin disintegrating”

Pat Robertson told viewers of his program (how does he still have them?), that God told him who the next president is going to be… but he is not supposed to tell us. This, as we all know, is the tele-evangelical equivalent of that thing where you show a little kid how you can remove the end of your thumb, then magically restore it. My assumption is that he’s going to lay a huge wager in Vegas and doesn’t want the rest of us to throw off the odds. Right now, the smart money is on Obama… (yes you can actually bet on this :-)

Enjoy this video of his 2012 predictions which include the cheery belief that “this country will begin disintegrating.” By this, I’m assuming that he means a return to pre-civil rights era “separate but equal” sort of dis-integration. (After all, Pat is the one who asked if Mac & Cheese was a “black-thing”).

If you want to check up on his 2011 predictions you can watch them here. They are, of course, vague & none of them came true (except the revolution thing – which was said about America, but actually happened among those awful Muslims).

After an extended 30 to 45 seconds of prayer, God told me 1) Pat Robertson is full of crap, 2) he should never have purchased the Ice Capades… it just makes God look bad, and 3) he is no longer allowed to speak for the Almighty. Just in case you were wondering… the almighty has a British accent exactly like the voice of God in Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail.

Enjoy the crazy!

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