Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I’m genuinely sad that Whitney Houston has died. I continued to wish all the way up until the end that she would find sobriety again. I confess to feelings of profound gratitude and pride for all of those people in my life who live sober despite their addictions… you know who you are…
I confess that I have not been able to enjoy the Grammy’s since I began to understand how the music industry works. I confess that I avoided Facebook and Twitter last night so as to not have to read everyone’s cheesy posts about the show. My wife and I watched much of the show on fast forward so as to see the performances and not have to hear the awards given out. We finally watched an episode of Modern Family, which I enjoyed more.
I confess that I’m bucking a writing deadline for midnight tonight – my second book. It’s going to be called Public Jesus. It’s a 6 chapter book that goes along w/6 videos. I confess that I’m much more nervous about looking like an idiot on video than in the book. I have five of the six chapters finished, but will have such a small window for revisions… it’s doing to be a long day.
I confess that we woke up to about three inches of snow at my house, and the kids are going to school. I confess that I take great pride in the fact that a little bit of snow doesn’t throw the entire city for a loop. I confess that the view of the pond and woods outside my back window is stunning. I love it when places like Nashville, TN (other southern towns who shall remain nameless), get a dusting of snow and the entire city goes into a panic.
I confess that I got a warning today that my hard drive is nearly full, despite the fact that I bought my computer with 250gb precisely so this wouldn’t happen. I confess that I don’t know the smart place to begin deleting files. I’m sure there is some sort of cache of files I’ve downloaded that I have no idea about. So, since they are the files I care most about, pay the most attention to, and know the most about, I’ll probably start by deleting talks and lectures. I confess that I will almost certainly regret this later.
I made my confession – now make yours!
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  • Ha! MMCs are my fave. I confess that anything over 1/4 inch of snow is enough to keep my car quarantined in the garage, waiting for a brighter day. I further confess that I tried to snowblow our 1 inch of snow today, for fear that that machine won't breathe the fresh air again this year. I confess that I didn't get far and reverted to shoveling, which went much better.

  • Den

    This is actually a Thursday confession, but hey, I've been busy…

    I confess that I too sometimes allow my hard drive to get overloaded with files that are really best deleted. I confess that sooner or later, housekeeping must be done on a hard drive just as it's done in a home. I'm probably more remiss in my home housekeeping than in my hard drive – I've still got scads of space on the drives, but the den is looking like a hoarder lives there.

    I confess that if Tim would like to talk to me about hard drives and other computer-related stuff, he can contact me by message on Facebook or elsewhere.

    And now you know what's on my mind.