Ed Young’s Newest Stunt Ignites a Police Investigation

Chanel 8 in Dallas is reporting that Ed Young is now under investigation by Grapevine Police to see if his church violated any animal safety laws in their inclusion of a live Lion in last Sunday’s worship service. The investigation is silly & will probably not result in any charges. As silly as it is, it doesn’t even come close to being as silly as the constant parade of stunts which Young has made his signature. In the past Young drove a Ferrari onto the stage, he had to make structural enhancements to accomodate the Sherman Tank he once brought in, earlier this year he held his “bed-in” to promote his “Sexperiment,” book, and that’s just a drop in the bucket.

Here’s a video report:
Everything’s bigger in Texas, but I can’t help feeling as though Young’s menagerie of the bizarre has put him in a trajectory which runs counter to the gospel itself. This is a man whose priorities are so out of whack that I hardly see how anyone gives him credibility anymore. This is just one more example of how superstar pastors are allowed to live lavish lifestyles as long as they keep producing big crowds.
Here’s another interesting report from 2010.
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  • Den

    Is this a church, or a circus?

    Is Ed Young a pastor, or the ringmaster?

    I'm all for using visual props to make your point, but a Sherman tank? A Ferrari? A bed-in? Didn't we see that back in the sixties with John Lennon and Yoko Ono?

    It strikes me that Jesus must have a very good sense of humor, given the lengths that some of his ordained representatives go to in order to get the Message out. Or maybe it's not a sense of humor, but a very great deal of patience.